Website and Content Management in a Nutshell

A typical Corporate website has four major areas to cover. Unless the site or app meets these four criteria, it will remain incomplete. In the following sections, we will cover each of these 

Website design and layoutWebsite security and backups

Content Strategy and management 

(including  Third Party Platforms such as social media sites)

Performance and visibility

(including search engine optimization)

In addition to the below four criteria, there may be several others- depending on the type of website (membership site, e-commerce, etc.) The above applies irrespective of the type of website- whether it is hosted on WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace or Wix, the below criteria are extremely important to consider.

  1. Look and feel 
    This is often referred to as skin or a theme. Specific tools such as pagebuilders, and plugins or tweaks using scripts also contribute to the functionality of the site.
  2. Content Approach
    This section deals with what kind of content is published on this site, how frequently, etc. In most cases, the content will be "Mixed Media", i.e a combination of Video, Images, Documents, Text, and increasingly- audio in the form of podcasts.
  3. Website optimizations
    For speed, performance, as well as being "as close to the visitors" as possible.
  4. Security and backups
    A site without adequate security provisions and backups is a ticking time bomb. Your content strategy should also include backups and security!

    Can you imagine a Windows computer without an Antivirus or a firewall? You get the idea...

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